Accept Instant Secure Payments

A simple online payments service

Fast, secure, traceable and scalable

Low transaction fees for merchants

Designed to meet the demands of highly regulated businesses, that have a need to support a diverse range of international customers.

Our products bring financial, compliance and technology solutions together, assisting our merchants with global expansion.

Luxon Pay eWallet

A fast secure solution to send and receive
money via our merchant network

  • Regulated by the FCA
  • Real time reporting and payment analytics
  • Understand your customers sales and payments journey
  • Multi device payment app
  • Pro-active partnership
  • Speed response to changes/requirement
  • Reduced payment processing fees
  • State of the art KYC and AML procedures
  • High deposits accepted
  • Real time transactions
  • Deposit and withdraw in multi-currency
  • Extra low FX rates and fees
  • Trusted EMI business
  • Reach news and existing players
  • Reduce payment fees and impact of money churn
  • Eliminates bonus abuse and wallet – originated fraud
  • Increase customer conversions
  • Supports localised payment methods
  • Smart technology enables quick adaption to compliance change

Secure payment services for any industry

Fast secure payments

No matter who your customers are or what service you provide, Luxon Payments can help your business create a faster, safer and more efficient system for processing secure payments around the world, whilst mitigating risk and reducing your transaction costs.

We know your customer

Luxon users are taken through a simple, KYC process that confirms their identity via photo ID, proof of address and liveness test through their mobile camera and video, as well as checking them against law enforcement data in a number of countries.

Low fees in any currency

Payments that are made from Luxon Pay 'approved countries', are converted from local currency to Euro for user ewallet Pay-In and the reverse for Pay-Out, using a referenceable mid-point day rate.