How and why do we collect information?

We collect User and Merchant information whenever they interact with us. When applying to us for a commercial services contract, for a Luxon Payments Wallet/Account, or to work for Luxon Payments Ltd, contact us about our activities, send or receive information, or engage with our social media, a User and Directors of a Merchant are giving us their personal information.

We also collect information about the services they use and how they use them, for example, when they visit our website, or view and interact with our forms and content. We may also receive information about them from third parties – for example, where they have given them permission to share their information, or where we gather additional information from publicly available sources. The information we collect from these third-party sources may include, for example, email and contact preferences, information on lifestyle choices and household details. We use this information to improve the services we provide, how we communicate and what we communicate about.

Marketing information

If they have expressed an interest in receiving marketing or promotional information from us, we may send them direct email information about, for example, the Banking and financial services we have available to them. Under the section ‘Changes to this Privacy Notice’ we explain their right to ‘opt-out’ of or ‘unsubscribe’ from receiving such information.

They cannot unsubscribe or opt-out of any information we send them which relates to their Luxon Payments agreement, but they can choose their preferred contact method (email, phone, letter) to receive this information, which we will use wherever possible.

How we use information during the Life Cycle of the User/Merchant Wallet

We use our customer information to:

  • Set up and accept the wallet application
  • Check Identify and authenticate documentation to meet KYC or KYB regulatory requirements for opening a wallet
  • Facilitate the loading of funds to their wallet or withdraw funds from their wallet
  • Enable them to make payments to merchants or Peers
  • Better understand their needs, circumstances, preferences, and interests
  • Communicate with them in their preferred method about things that affect them, that we need to tell them, or about things we think they may find useful
  • Improve our services to make sure they meet their needs
  • Prevent or investigate fraud or other criminal activity, or where it is required by law

We also analyse the personal information we collect about them to create a personal profile about them and their Wallet. We use this information to decide the best way to talk to them, what things we need to talk to them about and to improve the services we provide to them. If they would like to know more about this or opt-out of this, customers can contact us by using our published customer service email or on our published customer services telephone number. 

With your corporate permission and the permission from your customers included within an image, we may use your photographic image(s) in our newsletters and annual reports, and on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. If we need to use their information for any other purpose we will, where possible, tell them beforehand. We may use photographs for up to three years, but the information we produce may circulate in the public domain for longer.

Their information is held in the archive for up to six years past their exit and cancellation date of their contract. Once the time has passed, we will destroy their information securely.

Sharing information

We often need to share our customers information with other organisations. The list includes financial service reference bureaus for sanction checking and identity verification/authentication purposes, banks, card issuers, regulators and law enforcement.

We will not, under any circumstances, share our Customers data with anyone for marketing purposes and they will not receive offers from other companies or organisations as a result of giving their details to us.

User rights

Users of our services have a right to know what information we have about them and who we share it with. If they would like to see their personal information or have a copy of it, they can contact us. We charge £20 to cover administration costs. They can contact us by:

  • Writing to: Customer Contact Centre 
  • Emailing:
  • Telephoning: + 44 0207 016 9601

Links to other websites

The Luxon Payments User or Merchant website contains links to other websites that we feel might be useful to our customers. Once they have used these links to leave our site, we are not responsible for the collection, protection, and privacy of any information which they give to other sites while visiting them, as they are not governed by this privacy statement. Customers should be cautious and look at the privacy statement relating to the website in question.

There are minimum levels of information we need to obtain for different purposes. We always ask for a Customers name and title so we know how to talk to them. We need to be able to confirm any transactions they make on our mobile app or website by sending them an email, which is why certain fields are mandatory on all our web forms.

Changes to this privacy notice

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement at any time. We recommend customers check these details on occasions to keep up to date with any changes in our privacy policy. These will be found at

They can also update or change any of their marketing preferences at any time (including telling us that they don’t want us to contact them for marketing purposes) through the Mobile app.

  • Indicating they do not wish to receive our marketing emails by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the end of our marketing emails. 
  • Asking us to stop sending them marketing texts by sending us an "opt-out" text message, following the instructions we provide them with our initial text.

How we protect personal information

We take appropriate measures to ensure that we keep personal information secure, accurate and up to date, and that we only keep it as long as is reasonable and necessary.

When sharing information with other parties, for example, Users names and addresses for mailing purposes, we enter into information sharing contracts. These require all parties to comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  (EU) 2016/679 and ensure they have appropriate controls in place to protect the security of personal information. We do not allow/authorise these organisations to use resident data for their own purposes. Where a Users country complies to different Data protection rights and laws, we will provide compliance to these rules in a tailored T&C for the country and regulatory environment outside the EEA.

Although we use appropriate security measures once we have received any personal information, the transmission of information over the internet is never completely secure. We do our best to protect personal information, but we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted to our website, so any transmission is at the user’s own risk.

Emails terms of use

Emails are not always secure. They can be intercepted or changed after they have been sent. We do not accept liability if this happens. Our customers must never send us any financial information through email.

Collecting information through our website

We may collect information when Merchants and Users visit our website, depending on how they use it. We monitor how people use our website so we can improve it. We collect this information anonymously. The information we may record includes:

  • The areas of the website people visit
  • The number of times people spend on our website
  • Whether people are new to the site or have visited it before
  • How people come to our website – for example, by searching or an email link
  • The type of devices and browsers people use
  • How people use the website and the quality of their experience

People can use our website anonymously without giving us any information. If you or your Customers have any questions or concerns about this privacy statement, or how we collect, use or store personal information, please contact us at our customer support team.


Luxon Payments Ltd is a corporate partner and an appointed agent of Mercury Foreign Exchange Ltd (Company number: 06445887).

Luxon Payments will NEVER ask you or your customers to send your user ID, online password, online PIN or mobile PIN via email. Luxon Payments Ltd will NEVER ask for your FULL user ID, online password, online PIN or mobile PIN when identifying you via the phone - the social media site should be a source for general enquires only and is not a secure way to communicate with users and merchants.

The Luxon Payments user wallet and/or merchant wallet funds are held in trust in a segregated client account, affording you full protection and safeguarding of your deposit and balances and is protected through our partner Mercury Foreign Exchange Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 900858.

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